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  1. FIFA 18: Great Changes in FIFA 18
    Eingetragen am: 08-01-2018 (06:38:04) von User: topfifacoins     PROFIL

    The new functions of FIFA 18 are unveiled as part of the EA Play show in Hollywood. There is a lot of digestion, but as always, some new features are more prominent than others. So far, we ve picked the six things that we re most excited about. If they prove to be a success, we will all eagerly look forward to our copy of FIFA 18 to September 29. Let s see! FIFA 18 is adding a new team style to the franchise, so far with the introduction of tiki-taka and high-profile examples. We hope that the CPU can also take advantage of this feature and add more diversity to the offline game in the process. Improved tactics have also been emphasized, and players positioning is enhanced, which will hopefully solve some of FIFA s 17 problems in this area. The strength of the Frostbite engine was used this year to improve the presentation. The atmosphere at FIFA s 18th stadium looks set to improve, improve crowds, comment and improve. This is the real replication of our most exciting people from all o


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  2. FIFA17: Barcelona 6:1 Won Five Competitions Continuously
    Eingetragen am: 03-03-2017 (03:30:58) von User: topfifacoins     PROFIL In Spain local time 1st March 19:30, 2016/17 season La Liga 25th round focus game was launched in the Nou Camp stadium, Barcelona won over Gijón Athletic with the result of 6 to 1, Messi, Suarez and Nei Maer respectively scored a ball, Suarez made each other Oolong, Paco and Rakitich broke the gate. Barcelona League leads standings with 5 champions continuously, nearly kept undefeated for 18 rounds. Barcelona nearly 18 leagues games competed against Gijon and made 16 wins and 2 draw and kept unbeaten, the time when Gijon last league won Barcelona was in the year of 1994, the only one winning in the visiting field came back to 1987. The history of the two league confrontation reached 85 games, Barcelona got 52 wins and 16 draws and 17 defeated to keep prevail, including 37 wins, 4 draws and 1 losses in the home field. Rafinha, Javier Mascherano, Rakitic and Dennis took turns to play on the pitch. Barcelona after the opening of the game showed p


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